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Single Stacker

This system efficiently accommodates two vehicles in a spot that can generally only...

Cantilever Stacker

A major characteristic of this system is the single pillar construction. It has pillars on...

Three Level Stacker

Similar to the single stacking system, this system enables three cars to be parked in...

Hidden Parking System

This system enables you to gain a vehicle-free region. It lets your vehicle disappear...

Three level with One Pit Stacker

This car parking system provides independent parking spaces for three cars-...

Two level with One Pit Stacker

In this system, two levels of independent parking can be accomplished by putting two...

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About Mac Multiparking-

With a history of more than a decade, MAC Multiparking System has been efficient in innovating and organizing spaces with complete assurance of products. Our team shares a common belief of providing a customer experience as good as our products and services, which has helped us to garner a vast base of customers throughout the years.
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MAC Multiparking Provides Flexible and Mobile Parking Solutions of the highest quality that fits your every complex Project.

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  • What is MAC Multiparking LLP?
    Established in the year 2010, MAC Multiparking System provides different parking management systems all over Mumbai like car parking stacker, pit parking stacker, puzzle parking & three level stacker with one pit level.
  • What are the main features of MAC Multiparking llp
    We have not only solved many mind-boggling problems in Hydraulic and Mechanical Systems for various fields but have also invented various customizable solutions for parking spaces keeping in view the customer’s requirements and site plan.
  • How many types of multiparking systems are available?
    There are many types of multiparking systems available are parking stacker, pit parking stacker, puzzle parking, rotary parking & three level stacker with one pit level etc.
  • How much capacity is considered in multiparking?
    Mac Multiparking Systems are designed for 2-ton and 2.5-ton vehicles. Particular dimensions are structured as per the discussion between Mac Multiparking and the client.
  • What is Puzzle Parking?
    This is the newest innovation in parking management solutions. This system has automated combination pallets that allows horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots similar to a puzzle so that the vehicles can be parked and retrieved with ease.
  • What is Rotary parking ?
    The mechanism of this system is similar to that of a merry go round. It is another highly automated system where the driver can leave the vehicle at the designated place in the parking lot and the vehicle automatically gets parked after the system lifts it from the ground level.
  • Is there any warranty ?
    We give one-year warranty against the total parts excluding electrical parts. Apart from this we also offer a free comprehensive one-year maintenance contract excluding the spare parts.
There is some reason behind why people choose us past 50 years for their business.

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